Business Plan Competition

You find yourself today on the wrong side of the line. The side you are on is the side where you are still just a student taking classes, doing homework, going to work; you know, the usual stuff. On the other side of the line is where the entrepreneurs stand. Those brave souls who have taken the imaginative leap into creating something new and useful.

But don’t get depressed. This really isn’t something that rises to the level of needing to be fretted over either. Why? Because you still have time to go your own way. One potential first step you can take is to enter the Center for Entrepreneurship’s Business Plan Competition. That link is your guide towards taking that first step to becoming an entrepreneur.

Maybe now you’re asking yourself “Why does this competition need to be my first step?” Truthfully, it doesn’t have to be your first step. Maybe you are well on your way to launching your own business thanks to our New Venture Launch class taught by Dr. Teckchandani and Professor Jackson or the New Venture Creation course taught by Dr. Obstfeld. Maybe you’re just really good at this all on your own.

But for everybody else (and by “everybody” I mean all CSUF students and those of you who aren’t students but who can convince a CSUF student to be on your team) I strongly suggest entering the Business Plan Competition. This competition will expose you to the rigors of creating a business plan and will also give you access to mentors and local professionals who are great sources for information and inspiration.

Your first step will be to get onto TITANium, do a search for “Business Plan Competition” on the communities section and sign up by agreeing to our competition rules (you don’t have to agree but if you don’t you can’t participate). Your next step will be to fill out the Business Concept Application, which can be found on our TITANium community page, and submit it by Sunday, February 19th, by midnight.

After diligently reviewing your submissions and picking those who advance to the semifinals there will be some more tasks for you to complete. For example, there is the presentation of your business idea (and they can be more than ideas, they can be businesses that you have already started but it’s safe to say that businesses that have been around for a long time need not apply) to a panel of local entrepreneurs/professionals/investors.

For those of you who have already presented to a panel like this in our 465 A & B courses you know how exciting these presentations can be. And they are extraordinarily helpful to you as well because you have the opportunity to present to people who one day might be your partners or investors.

There you have it. Are you in or out?


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