Our Economy’s now and its Future with Jim Cooper of Braid Theory

https://youtu.be/EoInVv1yirQ I’ve known Jim for a long time and it has mostly been for the best. We were able to carve out some time to discuss some topics, including: his work with the California State University (CSU) system and how we (both he and I are CSU alumni) are part of a 4,000,000 strong community […]

CSUF Alumni Summer Professional Development & Networking Programs

We are pleased to offer our Alumni Summer Professional Development & Networking Programs. We have partnered with Extension and International Programs (EIP) to provide you with a 2-weekend course that will focus on topics such as VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, & Ambiguity) in today’s professional world, Cyber/Digital Security in a new virtual world, and Multi-channel […]

CSUF Entrepreneurship Students Provide Innovative Solutions For Companies Struggling To Survive Through The Pandemic

“The only constant in life is change.”  As an entrepreneur, I thrive on change. It’s what gets me up in the morning and what drives me to work with so many students and companies. And, at this time, you need to change how you do business.  So much has happened since the start of the […]

Advisory Boards – What You Need To Know with JJ @ CSUF Startup Incubator

https://youtu.be/Wlitt-1r-3k As an (albeit small time) investor, I can tell you that one of the first things we look at is who do you have on your team. And that includes advisors. Who are they? How do you get them on your team? How much do you have to pay them? Why are they so […]

Calling all CSUF Alumni! Are you ready for the Titan Race?

SIGN UP NOW The Titan Race 2020 Saturday, August 1, 2020, 1:00am – Wednesday, August 19, 2020, 11:59pm THE TITAN RACE 57 Miles of Determination¬† 19 Days with the Herd 6,000 Steps a Day Towards Greatness Join CSUF Alumni for The Titan Race 2020!August 1 – August 19, 2020  We are challenging all Titans to […]

Driving Outcomes with Traci Shirachi: BanQu forever changes an individual’s financial and economic identity

A member of our CSUF Entrepreneurship community, Traci Shirachi, recently published a podcast on BanQu. Here’s the info: Do you know what it is like to not have an easily identifiable economic transaction history of purchases and sales to live? Did you know having a credit report is the difference between economic equality and economic […]

Introducing Cathleen Greiner, Ph.D. – The Newest CSUF Entrepreneurship Board Member

https://youtu.be/zJ_lzLpclhc Cathleen Greiner, Ph.D. is the newest member of the CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship Board where she will help mold the strategic development of the Center during these historic times. Dr. Greiner brings with her a tremendous amount of leadership experience and will be a critical driving force pushing initiatives that will increase participation by […]

How the CSU System Helps Student-Entrepreneurs

Jim Cooper, one of the most involved mentors we have and an impressive person all around (I should do an interview with him soon), recently posted a story to Facebook written by the CSU (read their article, Empowering the Innovators, here) with a blurb from him at the end of the post and I had […]

Why Nailing it, then Scaling it almost always makes more sense

Do you think funding is necessary to launch a really successful business? Look at Quibi. Quibi had some of the most well respected founders, tremendous amounts of funding, and it’s listing like the Titanic after it bumped into that iceberg. Funding is not the deciding factor in determining the success or failure of a business. […]

Event on July 15: Find You Success: Basics of Quantitative and Qualitative Data Analysis for effectively sharing your story

REGISTER NOW In this workshop you will learn the basics of analyzing quantitative and qualitative data. Using Excel, we will explain how to run basic statistics that can help you generate the results you need to best tell your story. Different stakeholders have different interests and in this training you will learn how to analyze […]