Diversity in Business Panel Discussion

Diversity in Business Panel at CSUF Entrepreneurship
The Small Business & Diversity event panel, from left to right, Christian Valencia of HIIT Bottle, Dalip Jaggi of Eva Smart Shower, Summer Sepulveda of the Women’s Business Enterprise Council (WBEC) and Mihaylo Center for Entrepreneurship Director John Bradley Jackson. Source: http://bizblogs.fullerton.edu/blog/2015/09/18/panel-discusses-the-challenges-and-opportunities-of-diversity-in-business/

Earlier this summer we co-hosted a panel with Critical Mass Radio Show that discussed diversity in business. It was an energetic event that covered a wide range of topics all dealing with the promise of diversity.

Mihaylo College blogger, David Coats, covered this event and here’s a little taste from his post titled Panel Discusses the Challenges and Opportunities of Diversity in Business:

a panel of three business leaders and Mihaylo’s John Bradley Jackson, director of the Center for Entrepreneurship, discussed diversity in business during a roundtable presentation on Aug. 13 at Mihaylo College. The event, moderated by Richard Franzi, was broadcast on OC Talk Radio’s “Critical Mass” program, available through Iinternet radio, YouTube and podcast. The panel included Summer Sepulveda, community liaison coordinator for the Women’s Business Enterprise Council (WBEC)-West; Dalip Jaggi, co-founder of Eva Smart Shower; and Christian Valencia, CEO and co-founder of HIIT Bottle.

“Diversity is a term that should be defined by personal qualities and experiences,” Valencia, a Hispanic American, said, suggesting a definition that extends beyond the traditional parameters of age, race, ethnicity and gender. He notes that diversity and business success are interconnected. “Diversity drives innovation; innovation drives the growth of the company.”

Jackson noted that the main drivers of America’s increasing diversity are the immigration rate and the ethnic composition of the nation’s birth rate. “The share of the Hispanic and Asian community is growing rapidly across the U.S.,” he said. “Diversity is built on the premise that we all need to be treated fairly and to celebrate the differences.”

For the rest of David’s post please go here.

For the full audio of the event please go here.

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