Businesses Always Have HR Challenges – Our Student Consultants Can Help Your Business Find Actionable Solutions

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Having worked with companies for decades I can tell you that one HR is something that most executives do not pay enough attention to. This is especially the case for smaller companies and that’s why I always recommend utilizing one of our CSUF Consulting teams to help improve the HR process to the business owners and executives I meet with. But why is HR such a big deal?

I recently read an article that listed some of the biggest HR concerns that small and medium-sized businesses have to deal with every day. Here are the key concerns that every business has to face:

  1. “HR administration requires a lot of time”: If you run a business you know it takes a lot of time and if you have even a couple of employees then you know it takes time to do HR management the right way. There are many facets to the HR equation and all of them require time. For our clients, one of the valuable things we do for them is to help them figure out the most efficient way to conduct HR functions.
  2. “Compliance with HR and employment laws”: This is a must for any business. Regulations must be followed and taxes must be paid; the consequences of not doing so can be disastrous. Our teams work with clients to help them identify the regulations and taxes that they must pay and help them set up a system for making sure that they are in total compliance.
  3. “Employee benefits”: Everything about HR can be complicated and doing benefits properly is no different. Not only do you have to figure out what benefits to provide for employees but then you have to deliver on those benefits. There are a plethora of forms to fill out, make sure that all of your employees are submitting documents properly and on time, and so much more.
  4. “Attracting and hiring talent”: Some of the small and medium-sized business owners that I know think that they are at a disadvantage when it comes to attracting and hiring the best talent. I always tell them that is not the case; there is top talent out there that is looking to work for smaller companies because they can have a bigger impact than they otherwise would be able to at a larger company. Our teams have worked with clients and helped them develop compelling arguments that owners have used to recruit the best talent.
  5. “Increasing HR costs”: Expenses should always be at the top of any business owner’s list and HR is no exception. Reducing costs through increased efficiencies is one of the more often overlooked ways a business can improve their financial health and that is exactly one of the ways that our teams can help businesses.
  6. “Employee expectations”: This is one area where our clients are acutely aware that they need help in, especially when it comes to younger workers. Recruiting and retaining top quality personnel is one of the most important jobs for any business and the best way to accomplish this is to have a full understanding of what motivates your employees. Our teams, which are made up of students who are all early on in their careers or have yet to start one, know exactly what makes younger workers tick because, well, they are younger workers!

Improving your company’s HR is one of the best ways to improve your business because, quite frequently, HR is the division that receives the least amount of attention. By utilizing one of our CSUF Consulting teams you will have a team of intelligent and hungry students digging into your company’s unique situation and developing a comprehensive strategy for how your company can make substantial improvements to its HR process.

If you would like your company to be considered for participation in the CSUF Consulting program, please fill out the application and follow the instructions to submit it to us. Once we have received your application we will be in touch to see how our students can best serve your company.

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