Winning Website Content Strategies for Small Businesses with Michael Daehn Get help from Michael to build your own website: Michael Daehn’s LinkedIn:… Michael Daehn gave a talk about website content strategies for small businesses to CSUF Entrepreneurship professor John Bradley Jackson’s class and it was great. Learn the best strategies for developing content that converts!

How to Manage the People and Growth of Your Small Business

How do you manage growth and staff? Michelle Caruana will share her personal experience so that you can grow faster and more successfully! About this Event Managing people can be the best or worst part of the job, so why not learn from entrepreneurs who have been there and done that? Please join us […]

Our Breaking Bad Economy and Why Things Aren’t As Bad As They Seem… Seriously – Interview with Dr. Mira Farka

The last six months have felt like decades. Lock downs, protests, riots, political and economic upheaval, there’s an election going on, and yet the economic picture doesn’t look so bad as long as businesses are allowed to do their thing. Travis’ conversation with Dr. Mira Farka follows up on her recent Economic Forecast and goes […]

What You Should Know To Start Mastering SEO For Your Business

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a great way for young businesses to build up a reputation and get earned traffic coming to their site. By building quality content on your website your business can over time bring in more consistent traffic to your site. Jason Khoo, the founder of SEO optimization firm Zupo, joins Travis […]

My Entrepreneurial Journey with Anthony Abdelsayed: Getting Started – Episode 1 What do people do after they graduate from college? For Anthony, he went to work with his cousin at his mattress business where Anthony is working on expanding that company’s online presence and increase sales. He’s also working on a side hustle selling a device called “Push and Pull” that helps make it so […]

Why Orange County is a Great Place for your Startup with Carey Ransom Have a Startup and not sure where to start? Come learn from OC4 Venture Studio Founder and President, Carey Ransom, why OC is the place! Location, Location, Location! Why is it so important to know where to start a business? Carey Ransom has a lot of knowledge on this as an Investor, Advisor, and […]

Entrepreneur How To: Digital Marketing [Full Video]

Digital marketing is simple, right? Wrong! Sure, you can create an account and start sharing every last profundity that pops into your brain but a social media strategy that does not make sense will not ring the cash register. In comes Andrew Williams. He is the Global Digital Marketing Manager at HyperX, where he leads […]

An Introduction to Integrative Bargaining for Startup Founders with Mark Fotohabadi

Mark Fotohabadi, PhD, MBA, MDR is a visionary and hands-on serial entrepreneur and educator, with 17+ years of business experience. Mark Fotohabadi has successfully co-founded and led half a dozen companies to sustained profitability and disruptive change in their respective fields. This is a video from a guest lecture that Mark did in John […]

How To Protect Your Intellectual Property And File A Provisional Patent – Video Seminar with Justin Sanders Provisional Patent Filing Considerations and Intellectual property is becoming increasingly important when it comes to business valuation Provisional Patent Filing Considerations Intellectual property is becoming increasingly important when it comes to business valuation as well as success – especially for tech companies. A well-developed patent portfolio (along with an intellectual property portfolio, generally) conveys […]

Look Around And You Will See Opportunities Everywhere with Greg Neeper There are many roads to entrepreneurship and Greg is taking one less traveled. Greg is in the process of launching a transportation company and I think he’s entrepreneur that you will hear a lot about in a few years once he starts becoming really successful. But what, you might be asking, makes me think […]