New MBA Marketing Consulting Projects Available for Businesses… Act Now!

I know this is a little irregular but we have just found out that we need to find another four clients for one of our MBA marketing classes. This class is a new addition to CSUF Consulting and, while they do not strictly adhere to our standard consulting practices, we have worked with them in […]

CSUF Consulting

Hundreds of smart businessmen have gained an edge over the competition thanks to working with CSUF Consulting. Now it’s your turn! Over the course of a twelve week engagement, our teams do a thorough review of their client’s current situation, exhaustively research potential solutions or improvements, and develop a comprehensive report that details new strategies […]

What can CSUF Business Students do for your Company?

For more than two decades, CSUF Consulting Teams have been helping business owners like you develop successful business strategies that have increased profits. We have an extraordinary record of success winning many awards and producing extraordinary results for our clients. As a client you will be matched with a student consulting team, professor, and a […]

CSUF Consulting can make you into the Leader you should be! Leadership is one of the most underrated factors in a business’ success. In our experience, entrepreneurs are willing to buy dozens of books about leadership but they are unwilling to go the extra step needed to thoughtfully craft a leadership strategy for their business. The video above is a testimonial from the founders of […]

CSUF Consulting Gets Results!

One of my favorite success stories from our consulting program is HCP National. The owner of HCP National is William Dyer, a CSUF alumni who understands the power of our consulting program. This insight has led him to engaging in multiple consulting projects with our program over the years with great results. For one of […]

Cal State Fullerton Mentoring Program

Mentors are a pivotal component of the CSUF Entrepreneurship program. We have dozens of student teams every semester working on consulting projects for local businesses and on developing their own startups. It’s an amazing process that helps bring real life situations into the classroom for our students and the mentors serve as an invaluable bridge […]

Can Your Company Benefit from a CSUF Consulting Team?

A CSUF Business Consulting Team can help your business in many ways, including: Develop in-house talent Retain valuable employees Improve company culture And much more… Our teams of students work with a time-tested process that has been used to help over 3,100 clients. With the support and supervision of an experienced professor and mentor from […]

CSUF Entrepreneurship Client Recruiting Season is now Open

Every business has, or at least should have, a leader. This is the person who is responsible for the company’s strategy, who makes the tough decisions, who is the person that is ultimately responsible for the business’ success or failure. And this person, at least the good ones, know that they cannot do it alone. […]

CSUF Business Consulting in Orange County Sparks Innovation

The Center for Entrepreneurship’s Small Business Institute has been at the forefront of innovation in the Orange County market for decades. Every year, we place student teams with local companies to help spur business innovation in marketing, sales, finance, operations, and leadership. These teams of mostly graduating seniors are paired with mentors from the private […]