Creating New Ventures – The Perfect Book for the Entrepreneur in your Life

CSUF Entrepreneurship's Creating New Ventures book

While it may be too late to arrive before Christmas, the Center for Entrepreneurship’s new book, Creating New Ventures: How to Shape Concepts into Achievement, is the perfect book for the entrepreneur in your life! (At $25, this book is also a great way to use some of those Amazon gift cards your kids will give you for Christmas.)

Inside this book are actionable life and business lessons from more than 150 of the most successful, intelligent, and inspiring people in the CSUF Entrepreneurship community. Contributors to the book include Steven Mihaylo, Dan Black, Jeffrey Van Harte, Director John Bradley Jackson, and Center for Entrepreneurship founder Michael Ames. The latter two, Director Jackson and Chairman of the Board Ames, did yeoman’s work putting this book together and deserve all the credit for conceptualizing the book and making it happen.

There are amazing anecdotes about sales, marketing, managing people, and how to grow your business and take it to the next level! My favorite contribution to this book was Steven Mihaylo’s story about how he realized from an early age that if he works hard at sales and does it in a methodical way then he cannot be beaten. Chances are, there are many such stories in this book that will resonate with you and that you will be able to use to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams.

We sincerely hope that you pick up a copy and get inspired to take your business to the next level or start something new. And, if you do one of those things, make sure to tell us all about it!

If after reading this book you are ready to start something great, then you should check out what we do at the CSUF Startup Incubator for first-time entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs who are accepted into the CSUF Startup Incubator work with our entrepreneurial experts over a six month intensive launch period that includes: access to office space, quarterly investor pitches our entrepreneurs can participate in, free events, a dedicated one-on-one coaching relationship with one of our more than 700 startup experts, and so much more! If you are ready to learn the right way to go from concept to launch, please go to this page or contact a CSUF Startup Incubator representative at csufentrepreneurship@fullerton.edu.

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