CSUF Consulting – Take your Business to the Next Level

Every semester, dozens of businesses turn to the consulting teams that Cal State Fullerton has to devise comprehensive strategies for taking their businesses to the next level. These businesses have a wide range of goals in mind, including:

  • How to streamline operations
  • Implementing cost controls
  • Development of a marketing strategy that leverages digital and print
  • Deep dive into who your customers are and what they are looking for
  • Creation of a training course to help create more leaders in your organization

The list goes on from there but the big differentiator that the CSUF Consulting program has is found in its consultants. All of the consultants are current Cal State Fullerton students, some are MBAs but the majority are entrepreneurship students, who are the business leaders of tomorrow. What is great about these teams of students is that they are able to bring a fresh perspective to every project that they take on. They are able to pull from what they are learning in the classroom and from their own personal experiences.

Each team usually has between four and six students, a mentor from the private sector who helps to guide their team, and a professor who sets the tone for all their teams. This is a great mixture of talent and creativity that I think any business can profit from. What about your business? You can view the application for this program by clicking on this link: https://csufentrepreneurship.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Cal-State-Fullerton-Request-for-Consulting.pdf

If you or a business you know of could benefit from an injection of creativity from one of our CSUF Consulting teams please get in touch with Client Project Specialist Charlesetta Medina at 657-278-8243 or by emailing her at cymedina@fullerton.edu. Charlesetta will help walk you through the CSUF Consulting process and determine how one of our teams can best help your business grow.

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