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A CSUF Entrepreneurship education is unique. From day one, students in this program are challenged to think like entrepreneurs and act like leaders. Whether these students launch a startup that raises millions of dollars and become a unicorn isn’t the ultimate goal, the ultimate goal is to help in the development of the next generation of business and civic leaders.

Titan Women Scholarship

Which brings us to scholarships. Scholarship in the CSUF Entrepreneurship program empower students who may not have the resources of students with similar skills, dreams, and ambitions at other universities to follow their passion and create businesses that can have an immediate impact on the world around them. This is where Dr. Deborah Ferber comes in.

Dr. Deb Ferber at Titan Fast Pitch
Dr. Deb Ferber at the Titan Fast Pitch competition

Dr. Deb, as she is affectionately known as to her students and colleagues, is passionate about entrepreneurship. Cal State Fullerton is fortunate to have her as a professor and a mentor to many student-founded startups. Dr. Deb has also followed this up by founding a scholarship, called the Titan Women Collective Scholarship, to help students fund their first startup.

Last year, through the support of Dr. Deb and fellow Titan Women’s Collective member Maureen Tschopp, CSUF student Emily Dorsett was awarded a computer to help her launch a business with the mission of elevating art locally. This is an amazing gift that has helped Emily start her business. And, at Cal State Fullerton, there are thousands of Emilies who can do great things with just a little bit of help.

If you are a current CSUF student you owe it to yourself to apply for scholarships like the Titan Women Collective scholarship. The funding that you receive through one of these scholarships can enable you to start a business or simply help to defray some of the costs of a university education. For more information on how to apply for a scholarship at Cal State Fullerton, please visit the scholarship website here: http://www.fullerton.edu/financialaid/general/scholarships.php

Titan Women Collective

Titan Women Collective was created to identify and champion female entrepreneurs at Cal State Fullerton. Founded by Charlesetta Medina and Dr. Deborah Ferber, Titan Women Collective helps students through scholarships, workshops, and personal mentoring by members of Titan Women Collective, all of whom are leaders on the job and in the community. For more information on Titan Women Collective, including how to get involved, please contact them at csufentrepreneurship@fullerton.edu.

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