CSUF Women Entrepreneurs Supporting Female Students

Titan Womens Collective laptop

Every day I am awed by the amazing things that people in the CSUF Entrepreneurship community are doing. Starting businesses, launching new products, developing services for underserved communities, and, most importantly of all, how supportive this community is.

Evidence of how supporting our community could have been witnessed last week. Titan Women Collective, which is a group of female entrepreneurs and leaders in our community, presented a laptop to one of our students that she will use to launch her own business! Emily Dorsett ’20 was presented with the laptop by Titan Women Collective member, Maureen Tschopp, at the CSUF Startup Incubator offices in Irvine.

Emily is currently taking an entrepreneurship class at Cal State Fullerton. In this class, she and her team members are working on a business plan and the eventual launch of an online art gallery that will make culture accessible to the masses. The computer that she received will help her research and put together her plan and will be instrumental in the launch of her business!

Emily’s professor in this class, Dr. Deb Ferber, had this to say about Emily:

“Even though I have only known Emily for a few weeks I have been impressed by her work ethic and her creativity. She is working on creating a business plan for an online art gallery for local artist looking for exposure, sales and a client following. The laptop will enable her to complete her plan and pursue her dreams.”

This is a great thing for Emily and shows the power of an entrepreneurial community. Even though the Titan Women Collective is a new organization it has the potential to become a very important part of what we do. Founded with the mission of “educating and empowering women business owners & aspiring entrepreneurs”, Titan Women’s Collective is comprised of women who are “Female leaders of people, projects, teams or companies” according to Dr. Ferber.

Sourcing much-needed tech tools for Cal State Fullerton students is just the start for this group. In the future, they are already lining up projects and mentorship opportunities that support women entrepreneurs and startups that benefit women in general.

If you are interested in learning more about this group and maybe even how to become involved, please contact us at csufentreprneurship@fullerton.edu for more information.

Titan Women Collective

Titan Women Collective was created to identify and champion female entrepreneurs at Cal State Fullerton. Founded by Charlesetta Medina and Dr. Deborah Ferber, Titan Women Collective helps students through scholarships, workshops, and personal mentoring by members of Titan Women Collective, all of whom are leaders on the job and in the community. For more information on Titan Women Collective, including how to get involved, please contact them at csufentrepreneurship@fullerton.edu.

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