CSUF Startup Incubator Resident's Kickstarter Campaign

Knightly TalesAbout three weeks ago we published Dragons Eye Entertainment Set to Launch First Video Game – CSUF Startup Incubator Resident and we just wanted to update you a little to let you know that the Kickstarter campaign is live!

Here’s the introduction to the campaign from CSUF Startup Incubator Resident Justin Lancy:

My name is Justin Lancy and I am the founder of Dragon’s Eye Entertainment. I’ve taken the task of being the lead designer for our first game called Knightly Tales. I’ve worked as a freelance game consultant starting initially in beta testing / quality assurance. I then moved to level design, combat systems, story writing and have bounced between all of those over the past 7 years. My goal is to make a game that people can truly enjoy on mobile devices with Knightly Tales.

Please take a look around our Kickstarter, watch our video and select a pledge level that you are comfortable with. We’ve made sure to offer some pretty exciting rewards as a thank you for your pledge.

As gamers ourselves, the team looked to what made gaming fun for our generation and how we could adapt that to the systems we use today. We understand the time and life restrictions that our players face because we face them with you.

This is what gaming should be.

If you are interested please make sure to go over to his Kickstarter page to support this project and to get a copy of the game.

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