CSUF Startup Talk – How to find the right Product/Market fit for your Startup

Some founders usually believe that they have found a product/market fit and some overlook this stage. This is a huge problem as they start hiring people, increasing costs and scaling the product. To avoid this, there are mini goals you can achieve to analyze the market and iterate constantly to succeed. This talk covers everything from finding your niche target audience, creating a solid problem statement and a possible early pivot option. It will also give you an overview of tools to get your pre-seed wireframes/MVP running with little to no code so non-technical founders don’t have to be discouraged to take this step.

You should watch this talk if :

You are a first-time founder.

You want to consider pivoting.

About the Speaker

Sanjana Raj is the Founder of Fortuna, an AI investment application. She is a CSUF and Y-Combinator Startup School alumna. She has a Master’s in Computer Science and has worked at prestigious firms like Sony PlayStation, Thales Avionics and Jakks Pacific (Disney Partner) as a Software Engineer. Her technical expertise as well as experience as a first-time founder gives a unique edge to her organizational goals of giving back the investment power from hedge funds to the masses using Artificial Intelligence.

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