CSUF Student-Entrepreneur Project – Nissan GT-R

Every semester in the Marketing 450 Visual Marketing course students are tasked with creating a short film about something that they love. One of the students in the class this semester is Evan Ewing and he has decided to do his project and the Nissan GT-R. But he needs some help to pull this off. Here’s the info:

Produce the ultimate fan/enthusiast film that demonstrates the incredible engineering marvel that is the Nissan GT-R.

This film is by fans and enthusiasts, for fans and enthusiasts. The goal is to create the most epic film showcasing the Nissan GT-R. Our team is going to capture incredible aerial footage with the use of drones and airplanes. The film will take place throughout Southern California, mainly in the Los Angeles area. We’re hoping to stretch our goal so we can film some shots in San Diego, Anza-Borrego desert, San Gorgonio Mtn, and other beautiful places.

The Story

“Starving students” often have great ideas for projects that are never pursued simply because of budget constraints. For Evan’s visual marketing film project, he wants to create an incredible piece that truly captures the engineering & aesthetic beauty of the GT-R. With the support of Kickstarter and car enthusiasts, we can create a film that celebrates one of the greats.

Nissan GT-R

Where will your money go?

– Drone for aerial footage

– Airplane rental for aerial footage

– Car rental

– Professional equipment

– Travel/Locations

– Sustenance


Risks and challenges

(Learn about accountability on Kickstarter)

Dealing with equipment/location issues that are inherent in the filming process. We have multiple location backup scenarios if unforeseen events transpire. One of the greater challenges is sifting through thousands of video clips and producing a seamless edit. This will be conquered by extreme attention to detail & precision during the editing process.

Backers will be updated with progress during the funding period.
If production setbacks should arise, backers will be notified if it affects rewards delivery times. Everything should be on time as of now.

Thanks for your support!


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