Dragons Eye Entertainment Set to Launch First Video Game – CSUF Startup Incubator Resident

Dragon's Eye EntertainmentSince the CSUF Startup Incubator launched in January of 2015 we have worked with a lot of impressive entrepreneurs. One of those entrepreneurs is Justin Lancy. A veteran, Justin has been working on his dream of developing and launching a video game for a number of years now. In the middle of 2015, he joined the CSUF Startup Incubator so that we could help him propel his game forward and closer to launch.

We are excited to announce that Justin is about to launch his first game, Knightly Tales. I was able to catch up with Justin recently to ask him some questions about his entrepreneurial journey.

Travis Lindsay, CSUF Startup Incubator: Dragons Eye Entertainment was one of the first startups accepted into the CSUF Startup Incubator. How did the CSUF Startup Incubator assist you in getting to this point in your startup? Was it worthwhile?  

Justin Lancy, Founder of Dragons Eye Entertainment: The incubator was a big help. A big part of it was the connections that it helped me establish to build the amazing team that we have now. There are plenty of other connections that were established through meetings that I’ve had at the various functions held at the office. A major one would be introducing me to Lee Decker who has helped immensely with the crowdfunding as well as working to bring me into the Global Entrepreneurship program from IBM.

Travis: What is in store for the future of Dragons Eye Entertainment? 

Justin: Along with adding more content to this game in the future we have a number of other games that cover a variety of tastes. While we hope that this game appeals to a wide audience it’s understood that adventure games aren’t for everyone. Going forward we have a bit of everything, including classic platformers, tower defense, shooters, strategy (both real time and turn based) and even a card game. There is plenty beyond that but I don’t want to go into much detail beyond the first five years worth of projects.

Travis: You are preparing to launch a crowdfunding campaign for Knightly Tales. What are some of the perks that contributors can get?

Justin: So the game is the first thing. In all cases this is a pre-order of sorts. Larger donations do have some increased perks. Along with in-game items we are allowing a chance for some users to be an actual part of the game. A low end version of that means that their name is added to a pool that the quest givers use. The higher tier of this (which is very limited) will have a few characters that are designed based off a photo sent in. Those characters will have their name permanently attached so that players will always see themselves when they play.

Travis: What else would you like the CSUF Entrepreneurship community to know about you and your company?

Justin: This is really it. the Kickstarter launches on May 9th. Knightly Tales is an adventure game with an old school feel so older players may get a bit more out of it but it’s designed for all ages. We’ll also have expanded the website by then so if they have any issue with Kickstarter then they can visit http://dragonseye.co/ to donate directly or see a bit more about what’s to come.

Thank you Justin for answering our questions. If you have any questions for Justin please let us know in the comments!

And for more information about what the CSUF Startup Incubator does to help startups please get in touch with us at csufentrepreneurship@fullerton.edu

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