Employment Opportunity: Opus Productivity

Our friends at Opus Productivity Solutions are looking for a couple of part time workers that can bring in some new business.

But before we get into the details about that opportunity here’s some information on the company:

OPUS Productivity Solutions is a management consulting firm that specializes in products and services that are geared towards helping our clients make more informed, and ultimately better hiring decisions, and then assist them in maximizing the productivity of their new and existing people. Our expertise in knowing how to recognize and manage different personalities as well as our ability to teach our clients on how to utilize the information contained in personality profiling assessments helps them make the most effective hiring decisions and avoid costly mistakes. Clients range in size from small, entrepreneurial led companies of less than ten people to corporations with revenues in excess of one billion dollars. To learn more about personality trait assessments, candidate assessment tools, and developing successful corporate team building workshops…

Here are the details for the position:

Compensation – hourly pay and commission

Hourly pay – $10 per hour

20% commission on first $1,000 generated for any individual new client

10% commission on next $10,000 generated for any individual new client

At “plan” a person would earn $2,000 for 80 hours of work per month, but there is no limit on the upside – if they bring in more business they make more money

Opportunity to work in the fast growing “Software as a Service” business

Opportunity to work any time of day that meets the needs of busy students (who may already be working)

Opportunity to work for a locally run Entrepreneur who is well established in the field

Other relevant factors

New website is up and running – (http://opusproductivity.com/)

Ongoing social media marketing

Career advancement is a potential for employees that show an aptitude for the business

They will look to expand the opportunity as the results warrant it.

If you are interested in finding out more about this opportunity please contact Bob Kreisberg at bob@opusproductivity.com for more information.

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