Event on Monday, July 27 @ 12pm: Building Startup Teams Based On Personality Compatibility

Marla Noel Founder and CEO OC Growth Advisors

Building a winning team requires more than the right skills. How well different personalities mesh is at least as important.

About this Event

When you are building a team there is so much more that goes into it than just finding people with the right skill sets. Whether you are launching a business, putting together a cross functional team to work on a special project, or hiring a new employee to join your current team the personalities of the team members and how compatible team members are with each other is highly predictive of future success. How do you build a winning team with personality in mind?

Marla Noel, the founder and CEO of OC Growth Advisors, has a solution. Her company works with businesses at all levels to help them put together compatible, high performing teams. Part of this process involves administering a tool called The Predictive Index, which breaks down personlities into four distinct quadrants. These results are used to determine how best to set up a team for success and to head off any potential conflicts between team members before they become a problem.

In her talk at the CSUF Startup Incubator Marla will show why incorporating personality assessments into putting together a team is so important, how to do it, and will even illustrate the robustness of her tool with real examples.

Can’t miss!

Marla Noel Bio

Marla Noel

I help businesses grow by setting strategic company goals, long term strategies, as well as helping them implement those strategies. This includes setting financial goals, marketing plans, creating an organizational plan, creating company procedures, screening and training personnel. I work hands on with management to provide tools to successfully manage and motivate employees. From the employee perspective, I provide training to implement company policies and procedures to achieve organizational goals. I teach both accounting and entrepreneurial classes at Chapman and UCI. My clients include service-related businesses as well as retail businesses with incomes ranging from $1 million to $30 million.

I am a past CEO of a $12 million-dollar successful service business. I’ve also acted as Board Chair for several successful businesses and have assisted other businesses through effective strategic planning processes. I use my past operational, strategic and management experience, in addition to my background as a CPA, to assist business owners in achieving their goals. Because I ran a business in the past and have been a Board Chair for many different companies, I understand the challenges business owners face with delegating, follow up and accountability. The human impact of growth and changes to a team can benefit both the organization and the team. Through Vision, Strategy and Implementation of a plan, I enable organizations to be successful in growing market share. This has led to a significant increase in value of these organizations at the time of sale.

Growing up, I always enjoyed solving puzzles and I became good at it. I have applied those skills to solving business challenges. Today, I still enjoy solving puzzles or problems that come up when running a business. I enjoy working with people, to help them grow and learn new skills. Business should be fun to the business owner, however, when the business gets to a certain size, it is no longer fun. I want to change that for the business owner.

Please see www.OCgrowthadvisors.com

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