Have You Signed Up For The CSUF Startup Competition Yet?

CSUF Startup Competition

Calling all current CSUF students: Applications for the CSUF Startup Competition are due this Saturday! Application link: http://bit.ly/csufstartupapplication

The application is simple, some would say painless, and the rewards can be huge

Our goal with this competition is to challenge all CSUF students to actively think about the problems they encounter or see others dealing with and come up with creative solutions (i.e. startups or nonprofits). Being an entrepreneur is all about thinking outside of the box and creating something that improves the lives of others.

Are you in?

And for everyone in the CSUF Entrepreneurship community who is not a current student we hope that you can join us for the CSUF Startup Competition Finals on Friday, April 19 to cheer on all these competitors! To register, please go here.

If you are able, we would greatly appreciate it if you could help sponsor the CSUF Startup Competition. Every dollar helps and all donations go to supporting CSUF Entrepreneurship’s efforts in creating the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders. More information on how to become a sponsor can be found by clicking here.

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