How to Create the Perfect Sales Funnel [FULL VIDEO]

Earlier this week the CSUF Startup Incubator welcomed A-Cubed Marketing’s Joe Hines in to talk about sales funnels. It’s an important topic that can make or break a business and Joe gave a really excellent talk describing what a sales funnel is, what are the important factors going into its various components, and how to build an effective one as well.

The video is almost an hour long but it is a great primer (and then some) on how to build your own sales funnel.

Joe will also be hosting the How to Market your Small Business for Bigger Sales… on a Shoestring Budget workshop on July 16. Attendees of this workshop have this to look forward to:

This is a powerful, four-hour, hands on workshop where you’ll learn the critical skills you need to do more business in today’s ultra-competitive world!

In this fun and relaxed small group format, we’ll help you clarify what your brand stands for and guide you as you create your own branding strategy.  With that brand strategy as an anchor, we’ll then walk  you through the steps of building your own internet-based lead generation program (also called a sales funnel).

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