Join Us Now For the Titan Fast Pitch Boot Camp – Learn How To Give A Winning 90 Second Pitch

Atul Teckchandani - Titan Fast Pitch Boot Camp

Learn what it takes to give a winning business pitch for the Titan Fast Pitch competition!!!

About this Event

The Titan Fast Pitch is a competition for students who want to blaze their own trail!

Are you ready to compete?

Not so fast. For this competition, students are challenged to deliver a recorded 90 second pitch for their business. While 90 seconds doesn’t seem like a long time it is deceptively difficult to fit all that needs to go into a winning pitch within that time frame.

A winning pitch must have certain parts, including: a clear explanation of the problem, a description of a good solution, and, most importantly, a clear vision of the overall business opportunity. To give a good pitch you have to make it so that the person listening to your pitch is interested. To give a great pitch you must make it so that the listener is so excited about what you are doing they can’t wait to hear more.

There is a lot that goes into crafting the perfect pitch and to help you craft yours Atul Teckchandani, Associate Professor of Management at Cal State Fullerton, is here for you. Atul has taught entrepreneurship for years and has developed this powerful boot camp to help you powerfully communicate your business concept in just 90 seconds.

Being able to give a powerful business pitch will not only help you compete in the Titan Fast Pitch but will help you in business, whether you are starting a business, describing a project you are working on, or telling someone you have just met about yourself.

As in life, first impressions are important in business and having the ability to give a great pitch is an excellent way to get investors, business partners, and customers.

Are you ready to start your entrepreneurial journey?

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