MBA CSUF Consulting Team Won National Title

Lorenzo Bizzi CSUF Entrepreneurship

Earlier this year we announced that Dr. Lorenzo Bizzi and one of his MBA CSUF Consulting teams won a national award for the work that they did for a local business. The business, Saigon City Marketplace, wanted the team to do a comprehensive strategic checkup for their company and to identify any new opportunities for the company.

The team, which consisted of Ken Chen, Gaby Garcia, Mary Haynes, Yumi Kim, Ashwin Nandha, and Vicky Tryon, went to work. Over the course of the semester, the students met with their client multiple times to get more information from their client and to see if the progress they were making was in line with what Saigon City Marketplace was looking for.

When asked to describe what was exceptional about this MBA CSUF Consulting team, Dr. Bizzi said “The team that worked on the Saigon City Marketplace project was special because of their capacity to break down the problems, structure the analytical approach to solve them and conduct rigorous research to find evidence in support of their recommendations. They gathered really high quality and difficult to collect data on clients’ behavior and on competitors’ behavior that could be used to inform recommendations touching several aspects of the client’s business.”

Speaking of the CSUF Consulting program in general, Director John Bradley Jackson said, “Our student consulting projects challenge the students to leave the classroom and apply what they have learned. Many alumni have told us that the student consulting project was the highlight of their academic experience.

“Consistent with the University Strategic Plan, the student consulting process is a High Impact Practice (HIPs) that deploys experiential learning. Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience, and is more specifically defined as ‘learning through reflection on doing’. More than ‘just hands on doing’, the students reflect on the consequences of their actions.

“The student consulting projects provide great value to the clients while offering a tremendous learning opportunity for the students.”

Congratulations to the team, their professor, and their client! It was a great project and we are looking to many more from Dr. Bizzi and his MBAs.

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