Neuroscience, Hollywood VFX, and Entrepreneurship | Barry Sandrew’s Entrepreneurial Journey

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Dive into the world of innovation and entrepreneurship with CSUF Entrepreneurship’s interview with Barry Sandrew, Ph.D, the Managing Director of The Innovation Hub at Westcliff University.

In this insightful conversation, Barry shares his incredible journey from being a neuroscientist at Harvard to revolutionizing the film industry with groundbreaking VFX technology. Discover how he seamlessly transitioned from colorizing classic black and white movies to transforming contemporary blockbusters into immersive 3D experiences.

Barry’s expertise doesn’t stop there as he is now sharing his extensive business knowledge with other entrepreneurs. As the Managing Director of The Innovation Hub at Westcliff University, he is on a mission to amplify the entrepreneurial landscape in Southern California.

???? Join us as we explore Barry’s vision for expanding the entrepreneurial ecosystem, with a special focus on the upcoming SoCal Celebrates Entrepreneurship event, SCCE-24, taking place on March 9, 2024, at the Titan Student Union at Cal State Fullerton. This event promises to be a nexus for entrepreneurs and the broader ecosystem, bringing together everyone from those who are thinking about becoming entrepreneurs to visionaries to celebrate the impactful contributions of entrepreneurs to the region.


The SCCE-24 event will feature engaging panel discussions and dynamic speakers, delving into the diverse stages of entrepreneurship – from startup inception to fundraising and sustainable growth. Barry underscores the significance of the entrepreneur’s mindset, emphasizing the principles elaborated in Eric Ries’ The Lean Startup. Discover how consistent iterations and strategic experiments can pave the way for thriving businesses.

Mark your calendars for March 9, 2024, and join us at the Titan Student Union for SoCal Celebrates Entrepreneurship (SCCE-24). Let’s come together to celebrate innovation, share insights, and propel Southern California’s entrepreneurial spirit to new heights!

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