Patenting Your Game Changing Technology with IP Attorney Justin Sanders | CSUF Startup Talk


Are you on the brink of a technological breakthrough, itching to bring your innovation to the world? Dive into this invaluable opportunity to explore the patenting journey with IP Attorney Justin Sanders. Hosted by the CSUF Startup Incubator, this talk is a must-see for visionary minds considering patenting their groundbreaking technologies.

Discover the crucial aspects covered in this event:
? The Step-by-Step Patent Filing Process
? Financial Considerations: How Much Does It Cost?
⏳ Timeframes: How Long Does It Take?
⚖️ Legal Insights and Expert Tips

Justin Sanders, a veteran IP Attorney, brings a wealth of experience and knowledge, making this video an unparalleled opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the world of intellectual property. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, innovator, or simply curious about patenting, this talk provides you with the information you need to protect your intellectual assets.

Why Watch?
? Gain a Comprehensive Understanding of Patenting
? Receive Expert Direction from a Seasoned IP Attorney
?️ Navigate the Patenting Process with Confidence

Don’t let your groundbreaking technology go unprotected! Watch the event recording and embark on your patenting journey with confidence. Get ready to gain a competitive edge in the world of intellectual property.

? About Justin Sanders:
Justin Sanders is a registered patent attorney and managing partner of Master Key IP. With a background in Computer Science and a Certificate in Intellectual Property Law, he assists startups and small businesses in identifying, protecting, and monetizing their intellectual property both in the U.S. and abroad. Learn from his expertise and take your intellectual property journey to the next level.

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