Pismo Ventures Business Plan Competition Scholarships Available!!!

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Investor Scholarships Limited Spots

We have some great news. Few of our investors have decided to offer scholarships to applicants.  As of yesterday, we have 50 scholarships available on a first come basis.

Enter this scholarship code to receive free registration: SCOLARGENJR

With our 2 Step Process, You Can Register Now and Submit Application Information By or Before Deadline

The competition includes an impressive lineup of Angel Groups, VCs and Family Offices. The competition is open to applicants and spectators. The event offers a great opportunity for startups to present their business, learn from investors’ feedback, attend educational webinars and last but not least network with participating investors from across the nation. 

About The Competition

Pismo Ventures calls on all startups and entrepreneurs anywhere in the US! The National Venture Plan Competition offers ventures the opportunity to present their business, obtain honest and expert feedback from experienced judges and investors, have exposure to angels and other investors nationwide, and win invaluable prizes along the way. The competition is open to all businesses pre or post revenue (not only an idea) across the nation.

Entering the competition offers startups one the biggest opportunities to raise capital by fast-tracking them to present to many investor groups, angels, VCs and family offices. Such opportunity provides potentially more value than monetary prizes.

  • Present to investors in ten different categories
  • Attend invaluable webinars and learn
  • Win prizes
  • Biggest Value: Screen/Pitch to multiple investor groups

CSUF Entrepreneurship

We are dedicated to helping the next generation of entrepreneurs develop the skills that they need to compete locally and globally. The CSUF Entrepreneurship program does many things, including: consulting projects where students serve up fresh strategies to actual businesses, competitions for students from middle school to grad school, helping entrepreneurs go from concept to launch, frequent seminars and office hours for entrepreneurs and professionals, and much more. Interested in becoming a part of the CSUF Entrepreneurship community? Reach out to us at csufentrepreneurship@fullerton.edu for more information! CSUF Entrepreneurship depends on the support of the community, please go here to donate.


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