Please Support CSUF Veterans on March 9 Titan Day of Giving!!!

As you may know, I teach new venture creation in the classroom and I apply this knowledge with real startups in our CSUF Startup Incubator. It is my observation that successful Entrepreneurs tend to share a few common characteristics: 

Persistence – While many successful entrepreneurs are comfortable with the possibility of failing, it doesn’t mean they give up easily. Rather, they see failures as opportunities to learn and grow.

Curiosity – Successful entrepreneurs have a sense of curiosity that allows them to continuously seek new opportunities. Rather than settling for what they think they know; curious entrepreneurs ask challenging questions and explore different avenues.

Adaptability – The nature of a startup is ever-changing. Entrepreneurship is an iterative process, and new challenges and opportunities present themselves at every turn. It’s nearly impossible to be prepared for every scenario. Entrepreneurs need to evaluate situations and adapt so their business can keep moving forward when unexpected changes occur.

Discipline – A disciplined entrepreneur is a master of their patience, who sees the bigger picture and sticks to the plan. They trust their efforts and believe to achieve big, persevere in the face of adversity, and have grit.

At the CSUF Startup Incubator, we have learned that veterans share these same characteristics in large part because of their military service. Veterans make terrific startup founders and this is why we started VetTitans, which is our effort to identify and support veteran new ventures. Yet, making the transition to the private sector can pose difficulties for Veterans, especially if they decide to take a more entrepreneurial path. Many veterans are unsure how they can fit into the workforce; it is our job to help them find their way as entrepreneurs.

This is why we need your support during the Titan Day of Giving on March 9. On that day, we will be raising money to support our VetTitans program. All donations will go to support our organization and there are even bonuses for campus programs who bring in the most money or donors (more info on that forthcoming).

Please click the button below to sign up so that we can remind you on March 9 to make your donation (donations have to be at least $10) and your donation will go to support our program.

John Bradley Jackson Director, Professor

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