Pre-screening: The Extraordinary Ordinary – February 10

Extraordinary Ordinary Film

Be part of the action! CSUF Cinema entrepreneur Natalie Rodriguez will be showing her award winning film entitled “The Extraordinary Ordinary” to get quotes and feedback from you before it’s release! Please join us at the CSUF Startup Incubator for this exclusive event, learn more about mental health, and ask the Director first-hand about making this movie.

Logline: Three young adults with a history of mental health issues learn how to cope with triggers when old wounds resurface.

Synopsis: A few years after a traumatic high school experience, a young photography student moves across the country from New York to Southern California in search of a fresh start. She quickly finds that she is not alone in her struggles with anxiety and depression and learns that the road to recovery is paved with more love, understanding, and community than she ever could have imagined. “The Extraordinary Ordinary” is a gripping and heartwarming narrative that seeks to challenge the stigmas associated with mental health, trauma, and recovery and recognize the courage of those young adults struggling in silence everywhere.

Cast: Maddison Bullock (Stasis), Alex Montalban (My Dinner with Herve), John Posey (How to Get Away with Murder), and Ana Marte (Need for Speed)

Teaser – Trailer:
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