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Phillip Stinis is a CSUF graduate and has served as a Business Leader Coach for students in our Entrepreneurship Program. He has also developed an app for iPads and iPhones that helps streamline the ordering process in restaurants. This product has already gone through trials and they are preparing to aggressively sell this technology to restaurants.

First, more info on the company, TapTapOrder, and then more info on the position in this exciting new venture.

TapTapOrder is an iPad application which leverages the world’s hottest brand, Apple Inc., to attract more customers and brings more efficiency to the restaurant environment. By utilizing technology and putting the power of decision in the consumer’s hands, restaurant owners can expect to reduce manpower to free up staff and do other functions which enhance business activities, like customer service. In addition, consumers can post their message on Facebook, which provides a personal referral to their friends and family and incidental advertising for the restaurant. TapTapOrder is a fine piece of software provided by Tap Tap Order LLC.

Sounds like a pretty cool company, right? Yes, it is. And they’re hiring, which is potentially a good thing for you. The question is: Is this company a fit for you? Read on to find out:

We’re Hiring!

Are you looking for an opportunity to grow yourself personally and professionally? Do you consider yourself a self-motivated individual who has a strong entrepreneurial spirit? If so, we invite you to apply to be a part of our fast growing company as one of our Regional Sales Managers.

Regional Sales Manager

Job description:

  • Leader in sales
  • Identifies new accounts and develops strategic acquisition plan
  • Develops regional sales forecast and schedule
  • Maintains and expands customer base
  • Collaborate with our team of developers to ensure client’s needs are met
  • Train new sales associates and track their performance


  • Develop your own business
  • Expanding Territory: Once certain volume limits are reached, you will be granted exclusive access to higher volume regions
  • Commission for each sale
  • Increase commission rate for high volume salespeople
  • Reoccurring commission structure
  • Full technical support


  • Sales experience, preferably in the Hospitality or App industry
  • Self-motivated
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Proven track record in closing accounts
  • Highly desired: previously established relationships in the Hotel, Restaurant or Wine Industry

Apply Now!

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