Titan Fast Pitch Competition

Register for the Titan Fast Pitch Competition by clicking on this picture
Register for the Titan Fast Pitch Competition by clicking on this picture

Clear your calendar – It’s going down! The Titan Fast Pitch Competition kicks off Saturday November 8th, 2014 and you’re invited! Watch the hottest student-entrepreneurs compete for a spot on the winner’s podium, and their share of scholarships. All finalists are chosen in real time, by the crowd, via mobile phone. Students that survive, endure the Lightning Round: an accelerated Q/A panel, administered by Distinguished Judges.

We are looking for every university and high school student in the state of California who has an ounce of entrepreneurial blood coursing through their veins to enter this competition. If you are currently a student and you have an idea for the next great business, big or small, you owe it to yourself to test your mettle at this competition. Unlike similar competitions, the Titan Fast Pitch offers an extremely supportive atmosphere to all contestants because we realize that the more people who are successful in entrepreneurial endeavors the better it is for everyone.

At its essence, this competition is looking for bright ideas that have the potential to improve the world. Each competitor is given one minute, just 60 seconds, to explain what their idea is to our panel of judges and to the audience. Broken into university and high school tracks, everyone who competes in this first round is scored by our panel of distinguished judges and the audience (which I am sure will be a distinguished group in their own right).

The top three competitors from each track will advance to the lightning round, which, as alluded to above, is a fast paced question and answer affair that delves into the bonafides of each finalist. This round is all about determining which competitor’s idea is truly the best.

Every finalist will receive scholarship money to further their education as a student-entrepreneur and the high school students will receive something extra (iPod Nanos). This experience is a net positive for all who participate, though, because every competitor gets the opportunity to express their entrepreneurial creativity in front of a crowd of like-minded individuals and we believe that the possibilities are endless when you get as many people as we are expecting to attend this event together in one location.

The Titan Fast Pitch is going to take place on November 8 in Anaheim and we hope that every California student-entrepreneur with a passion for creating will attend. For more information and to RSVP for this event please go to the Titan Fast Pitch site (if you want to compete you must RSVP for this event). All of the rules are available on the site along with the questions that will be asked during the Lightning Round. Every competitor must bring a valid student ID in order to compete.

Follow all of the Titan Fast Pitch’s developments on this site and use the hash tag #TitanFastPitch to search for updated content or when posting. Good luck everyone!

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