Why I Major in Entrepreneurship at Cal State Fullerton

The following was written by Robert Gates who is majoring in Entrepreneurship at CSUF.

My name is Robert Gates and I’m currently a senior at California State University, Fullerton studying Entrepreneurship. When I first came to CSUF, I knew that I wanted to own a business but, at the time, I was unaware that the Entrepreneurship major existed. My father and I visited the campus during “Welcome to Cal State Fullerton Day.” That’s where we met Professor John Bradley Jackson from the Center of Entrepreneurship. John informed me of the benefits of pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurship. I knew immediately this was the major for me. I had started several mini ventures in high school from a tech tutoring company to an eBay store. Choosing a major in Entrepreneurship seemed like the logical next step for me.

Since declaring my major in Entrepreneurship, I have entered and placed in multiple business pitch competitions, including Startup Weekend. Being part of the program has allowed me to connect with entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. The most valuable aspect of the program to me is the mentor program that places successful entrepreneurs, often alumni, with Student-led Business Consulting Teams. The Entrepreneurship Program also offers many scholarships for its student-entrepreneurs. I was fortunate enough to receive the Conrey Insurance Entrepreneurial Scholarship. The opportunities that have arisen from being part of this program are invaluable. I have no regrets in my decision of choosing Entrepreneurship as a major and I hope that others will be able to share in the experience that is the Entrepreneurship Program.

If you are interested in majoring in Entrepreneurship at Cal State Fullerton please click here to learn more.

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