Conrey Insurance Brokers and Risk Managers Entrepreneurial Scholarship

Recipient: Christopher Ruiz

Christopher is a first generation college student majoring in entrepreneurship. He is active in Greek life serving as the new member educator where he helped 25 new members prepare for their initiation. Outside of school, Christopher and some of his classmates are working on developing a wedding and event space in eastern Washington.

Award Amount: $3,5000

Purpura Family Intrapreneur Scholarship

Recipient: Lino Vaccher

Lino G. Vaccher
Lino Vaccher


Lino is a competitive person and a born leader. In class, he is the leader for multiple teams working on consulting projects for existing businesses and in the development of a business plan. He hopes to one day own the company he is currently working for.

Award Amount: $1,500

Purpura Family Entrepreneurial Scholarship

Recipient: Crystal Millan

Crystal Millan
Crystal Millan


Entrepreneurs start with passion and Crystal is an exemplar of this. Over the course of her life she had become frustrated with the drab attire available for women who wear modest clothing due to religious strictures or personal choice. In the spring, she took her first entrepreneurship class and excelled at developing a business plan for a clothing company that is at the same time stylish and conforms to modesty standards.

Award Amount: $1,500

The Patel Family Scholarships

Abraham Rios and Joshua Worrel



Joshua Worrel
Joshua Worrel
Abraham Rios
Abraham Rios

In addition to being a CSUF student, Abraham Rios is a leader at his church, helping at risk children and youth in Los Angeles, a youth leader for a nonprofit tattoo removal organization, and a leader in a Chicano organization at CSUF. Oh, and he’s also a business owner doing property management for a medical building!

Joshua Worrel is an ambitious student and a leader in the classroom. With a passion for learning, he added a concentration in Operations and Supply Chain Management to Entrepreneurship and was regularly a leader on his teams in class. Joshua plans on studying abroad in Japan and South Korea.

Award Amount: two scholarships of $250 each

Thrive Financial & Bookkeeping Service Entrepreneurial Scholarship

Recipient: Jessica Lambert

Jessica Lambert


Jessica Lambert is a passionate leader in business and at her church where she recently led her first Bible study. In the fall, she interned at Studio 71 in Beverly Hills where she put into practice her leadership skills she gained through her education and from being an entrepreneur throughout her life, starting with the lemonade stand she founded in elementary school.

Award Amount: $1,000

Human Automation Scholarship

Recipient: Joseph Widly

Every year, Joseph Widly leads missions trips with Orange Lutheran High School where he is responsible for a group of seven to ten high school students. Joseph is also an EMT learning facilitator at Santa Ana College where he helps EMT students learn practical skills that help save lives.

Award Amount: $500

Congratulations to all of the recipients of these scholarships!

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