CSUF Entrepreneurship COVID-19 Updates

This will be a short post that only focuses on straightforward updates.

CSUF COVID-19 Updates

CSUF COVID-19 Update page includes frequent updates about Cal State Fullerton’s response to COVID-19.


All of our events are either being moved online or postponed. To see all our events, go here: http://bit.ly/CSUFEntrepreneurEvents


All classes have been moved to remote learning. No student is to meet in person for anything CSUF-related except for unique circumstances and no student will be asked to meet in person for anything CSUF Entrepreneurship-related until further notice. Classes have been moved to virtual learning for at least the rest of the semester, May 22 is the current last day of mandatory remote learning but make sure to check the link above for Cal State Fullerton’s response to COVID-19 for the most up to date information.


The consulting projects are proceeding, albeit virtually. The professors have met with their teams and their mentors to get updates on the progress for the projects. With everything moving online that also includes these projects and the presentations to clients. Rest assured, the students are diligently working on their projects and we will make every effort to ensure that these projects maintain their high level of value. http://business.fullerton.edu/Center/Entrepreneurship/Consulting

CSUF Startup Incubator

Adhering to the rules set out by Cal State Fullerton, all CSUF Startup Incubator services have moved online and we are still open for business. All of our residents have transitioned to meeting with CSUF Startup Incubator mentors and staff virtually and we are still open for new clients. http://business.fullerton.edu/Center/Entrepreneurship/Incubator


Unfortunately, it has been postponed.

A Virtual Education in Entrepreneurship for You

Over the last couple of years we have been posting videos and audio of interviews and talks that are of value to our entrepreneurial community. Here are links to two of those playlists:

CSUF Startup Talk

Knowledge @ CSUF Entrepreneurship

CSUF Entrepreneurship

We are dedicated to helping the next generation of entrepreneurs develop the skills that they need to compete locally and globally. The CSUF Entrepreneurship program does many things, including: consulting projects where students serve up fresh strategies to actual businesses, competitions for students from middle school to grad school, helping entrepreneurs go from concept to launch, frequent seminars and office hours for entrepreneurs and professionals, and much more. Interested in becoming a part of the CSUF Entrepreneurship community? Reach out to us at csufentrepreneurship@fullerton.edu for more information! CSUF Entrepreneurship depends on the support of the community, please go here to donate.

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