CSUF Startup Competition Announced; Open to all Current CSUF Students

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Cal State Fullerton students are some of the most naturally entrepreneurial young adults I have ever known. Of course, our entrepreneurship students frequently are working on launching startups or working on side hustles but so many students not majoring or minoring in entrepreneurship are entrepreneurial. That’s why it was an easy decision to launch the CSUF Startup Competition back in 2012.

With the CSUF Startup Competition our goal is to discover the best startup concepts being developed by current Cal State Fullerton students. Entering the competition is simple, interested students need to submit a simple application by March 16. After we have reviewed all of the applications, we will pick the top entrants to advance on to the Semifinals and then the best of the best will advance on to the finals on April 19.

If you are a student with a passion for entrepreneurship I strongly recommend that you submit an application (application link). And if you’re not a student, I would sincerely appreciate it if you reached out to the students that you know and encourage them to enter the CSUF Startup Competition. At the very least, competing is a great learning experience and for those students that reach the finals they will receive scholarships and in-kind awards that will help them launch their concepts.

And if you would like some help with your application or would simply like to discuss your startup reach out to me and I would be happy to discuss how to make your startup concept into a reality.

John Bradley Jackson

P.S. Competitions like the CSUF Startup Competition have a tremendous ROI for the students and the community but they also have a substantial cost. All told, we want to raise more than $25,000 to support the CSUF Startup Competition. Click this link to see all of the sponsorship opportunities for the CSUF Startup Competition

CSUF Entrepreneurship

We are dedicated to helping the next generation of entrepreneurs develop the skills that they need to compete locally and globally. The CSUF Entrepreneurship program does many things, including: consulting projects where students serve up fresh strategies to actual businesses, competitions for students from middle school to grad school, helping entrepreneurs go from concept to launch, frequent seminars and office hours for entrepreneurs and professionals, and much more. Interested in becoming a part of the CSUF Entrepreneurship community? Reach out to us at csufentrepreneurship@fullerton.edu for more information! CSUF Entrepreneurship depends on the support of the community, please go here to donate.

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