Op Ed Summary: Ronald Stein, P.E. and Todd Royal, Masters in Public Policy, have decades of experiences in the energy sector, collectively with more than 200 published Op Ed articles that provide energy literacy for citizens, private industry, and government leaders. Together, they’ve summarized in-depth research into a book that can be carried in your briefcase, taught in classrooms, viewed in corporate boardroom PowerPoints, or help government leaders be informed about all thing’s energy related.

Energy is multifaceted, and the just published “Energy Made Easy – Helping Citizens Become Energy-Literate” by Ronald Stein and Todd Royal available on Amazon allows the reader to grasp enough knowledge quickly so they can participate in discussions with family, friends, co-workers, or while watching news reports. The main purpose of the book is to Help Citizens Become Energy-Literate.

As an added benefit to the reader, each chapter is a stand-alone read on twelve energy subjects. The readers may not be interested in the entire spectrum of energy, but can selectively pick, and choose hot energy topics, trending on current news or social media coverage.

It’s dangerous and delusional to believe anything can be explained in sound bites, much less energy. This book will make you look at energy and ELECTRICITY in a new, fresh way, and perspective. We believe this is desperately needed with the upcoming U.S. Presidential election, and global events taking place in China, Russia, Iran, Africa, India, and South America.

There are billions of people today who are still without reliable electricity and thus forced to burn cow dung and rotted wood for energy that is destroying lives and altering the course of human history. As an example, 600 million Africans do not have electricity, or reliable sources of electricity, to run their hospitals, turn on the lights, or cook their food. To solve these kinds of urgent energy problems requires an understanding about the origin and nature of energy to electricity, its reliability, scalability, and whether the electricity sources being contemplated are cost-effective?

Energy is more than electricity. Electricity by itself cannot support the military, airlines, cruise ships, supertankers, container shipping, and trucking infrastructures. Nor can electricity alone, and especially that generated solely from intermittent renewable sources such as wind and solar, provide the thousands of products from petroleum that are essential to our transportation infrastructure, our electricity generation, our cooling, heating, manufacturing, agriculture—indeed, virtually every aspect of our daily lives and lifestyles.

Understanding energy will help us formulate the best energy policies to bring billions of people out of crippling poverty, lowered life expectancies, and even protect them from the allure of terrorism. There is an opportunity to alleviate poverty and war if every person on the planet can be given access to scalable, reliable, affordable, abundant, and flexible energy. When basic facts are ignored or shoved aside for political gain, however, rational energy discussions no longer happen.

All too often, lawmakers rely on fear tactics to compel public compliance on a given issue, and all too often with the end goal of gaining more power, more money, and more regulatory control over those who put them in office. Alarmism over global warming, climate change, etc., is at the forefront of these fear tactics, but such alarmist conclusions are openly rebutted as we are constantly being bombarded with rhetoric that 97% of all scientists believe that mankind has played a role in changing the earth’s climate. Yet common sense tells us that no large group of people on our planet could ever reach 97% agreement on anything, even the world being round!

Energy is at the forefront of everything that touches our lives. The jet engine and diesel engine that fuel every form of modern transportation would be virtually eliminated by dependence on renewable electricity. Ron likes to say and Todd as well, “that humanity enjoys the thousands of products that come from a barrel of crude oil!” Therefore, it is delusional to think that society is going carbon-free or the get-off-the-fossil-fuel-crowd has any intellectual insight into this fact without believing their movement is anything other than a political organization attempting to elect officials who buy into taxpayer subsidies and write offs when their shenanigans fail.

The purpose, creation and importance of this book is revealed every day when we turn on lights, go on an airplane or brush our teeth. Energy is everywhere. And this is where Ron and Todd with this book simply talk about energy issues in a way and with insight backed up by thorough research that will make you, the reader, wonder and question energy and electricity in a way you never imagined.

So much can be said about energy, and Ron and Todd illuminate the electrical grid, climate change, and how energy builds prosperous societies, as a few examples of what lies ahead. Their expertise on all matters of energy will make this an easy read, but also a page turner that shows example after example backed up with heavy research to think about, question, or believe in how energy matters in every part of our lives in the 21st century.

A book that finally helps citizens to become energy literate, Energy Made Easy, is available now at Amazon.

[Note: This Op Ed is printed with permission from the author. The original appeared on Fox & Hounds. The opinions expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the Center for Entrepreneurship or California State University, Fullerton.]

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