Nui Foods Featured in Inc. Magazine – Keto Cookie company founded by CSUF Entrepreneurship Grad Victor Macias and Kristoffer Quiaoit


Nui Foods is featured in Inc. Magazine as an exemplar of how to launch a business. Well done Victor and Kristoffer!

We have previously covered Nui Foods in this blog, including their appearance on Shark Tank, and we couldn’t be more proud of the fact that they are continuing to push and make their startup grow. I won’t share any actual numbers with you but, suffice it to say, they are the founders of a growing business in an explosive niche!

Here’s a great quote about how Victor and Kristoffer cam up with the idea for Nui Foods:

“First-generation American entrepreneurs Kristoffer Quiaoit & Victor Macias, founders of Nui Foods, found themselves struggling with their own weight and fitness. At the time, ketogenic diets were showing up everywhere, and they decided to give it a try. When their results of the low sugar, low carb diet earned them higher energy levels, less napping, less anxiety, and their hunger highs and lows went away, the duo had two thoughts:

  1. “How can we bring this to more people, because we feel amazing.”
  2. “Can a keto-er get a cookie though?”

“Ketogenic dieters often miss out on their favorite desserts and foods because low carb, low sugar removes a lot of options, including cookies, something Quiaoit and Macias didn’t want to live without. And judging by the market value in cookies sold across the U.S., a lot of other people aren’t willing to go without cookies either.”

What segment from the article shows is that these two founded Nui Foods based off of the principles that we teach in the class. Lean startup is a methodology that has founders getting out of the building, getting to know what their customers actually want from them, and then going out and building a basic prototype to test to see if this is something that customers actually want. Through multiple iterations, the product becomes more refined and adds more value to customers.

Nui Foods is still doing that even though their keto cookies are doing very well. They are continuing to do tests and improve upon their product, operations, marketing, and everything in between.

Congratulations again to Victor and Kristoffer! The press is well deserved.

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