NEEDED: Mentors for Entrepreneurship Courses at CSUF

The semester has already started and we still need some mentors. Mentors are the type of people you consult with to find out the right way to do things. For most of our classes this means the mentor will be helping out his or her team tackle business issues for a local company. For a [...]

Need help With Creating Financial Controls?

Need help with creating financial controls and better accounting practices? Have CSUF student consulting help --- they can do the things that you have wanted to do but have not had the time to do. Student Consultants are standing by. Contact Travis Lindsay Center for Entrepreneurship

Marketing and Public Relations Internship

Are you looking at your spring schedule and realizing that it is pretty sparse? Or maybe you are one of those overachievers who take six classes and goes to an internship. Either way there is an exciting new marketing and public relations internship available at Scooter’s Jungle. The intern will assist with local store marketing, [...]

Spring 2012 Internship Opportunities with Small Business Development Center

If you are a business major, especially if you are one majoring in entrepreneurship, you should seriously consider an internship with one of the most highly regarded Small Business Development Centers in the state. TriTech has been helping businesses grow for nearly a decade now and they have had an amazingly positive impact on the [...]

CSUF Investor Panel

Every semester, students taking entrepreneurship courses at Cal State Fullerton present their business plans to a group of (mock) investors. These investor panels are comprised of members of the local business community who have extensive experience in a variety of different disciplines and industries. Many of the panelists have also been involved with a number [...]

CSUF Entrepreneurship Board Member Ron Stein Radio Interview

CSUF Entrepreneurship Board Member Ron Stein was interviewed by Ric Franzi of OC Talk Radio on October 18, 2011 about the California economy. The interview included comments about the "new normal business environment." The interview is about 25 minutes in length and can be heard at John Bradley Jackson Director Center for Entrepreneurship CSUF

Are Business Plans Dead?

I recently participated in a global entrepreneurship conference attended by entrepreneurship academicians, entrepreneur “wannabees”, and a few “real” entrepreneurs. A vigorous discussion emerged about the value of business plans at the university versus the usage of business plans in the “real” world. The general consensus was that angel investors (i.e. angel networks), private equity investors, [...]