When people hear the word “fitness,” they automatically think of big corporate gyms, and beach bodies. But how often do people think of the challenges individuals with physical disabilities face when exercising?

Today one in five adults in the US have a movement impairing disability. You would expect a lot more exercise options available for them, but that’s not the case. Franchise gyms tend to exclude them, often making it difficult for them to exercise properly. In some cases, medical expenses of individuals with physical disabilities are often too high for them to be able to afford personal training, making it hard for them to stay active.

Safe Space Fitness wants to change that by providing an instant safe space for people to better themselves both mentally and physically. Created by CSUF alumni, Raul Chavez ’20, Safe Space Fitness is a startup dedicated to providing exercise outlets to physically disabled individuals.

Safe Space Fitness’ first exercise solution is one of the first-ever, video exercise programs tailored for individuals who use wheelchairs.

Here is what is included in Safe Space Fitness’ 6-day exercise program:

  • 2 “Push” Day Video Workouts
  • 2 “Pull” Day Video Workouts
  • A Full-Body & Cardio Video Workout
  • A Stretch Mobility Video Workout

With each video showcasing new and different workouts, we’re sure you’ll be having fun while working up a sweat. After using our exercise program, we guarantee more mobility, more flexibility, more strength, and an overall healthier lifestyle. CSUF’s Abled Advocators’ President, Jose Castillo, said Safe Space Fitness’ exercise program is a “great way to get the blood pumping and thus be active at home.”

Safe Space Fitness, originally, was meant to be an exercise facility for physically disabled individuals, but the constant work and research done through CSUF Entrepreneurship courses convinced us to pivot towards at-home solutions. The passion of inspiring and providing exercise solutions to physically disabled individuals comes from three personal reasons: seeing my father go from an active lifestyle to a wheelchair in a blink of an eye, my struggles with weight loss, and narrowly avoiding a potentially fatal car accident on a highway.

In 2019, Safe Space Fitness was a finalist in CSUF’s Titan Fast Pitch competition with the original idea of a physical location. As a finalist, I received a free entrance to the CSUF Startup Incubator. Once in the Incubator, I was appointed Mr. Bill Van Vleet as a personal mentor for advice and support. The weekly meetings with Mr.Van Vleet were super beneficial. Mr.Van Vleet’s business expertise opened my eyes to “think bigger” with ideas I wouldn’t have thought of, and really helped Safe Space Fitness strategize and develop.

Safe Space Fitness launched during the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic because it was the perfect time to provide virtual exercise outlets while we maintain ourselves safe and at home. If you’d like to learn more about Safe Space Fitness or see our one of a kind exercise program, head over to SafeSpaceOC.com or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Remember, the only disability is a bad attitude!

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