Titan Innovation Student Club needs Business Student Officers

Titan InnovationTitan Innovation is about to enter its second year of operation! This program commits to the undergraduate experience that students of all disciplines aspire for. Currently, entrepreneur, business, marketing, and engineering students are implementing their extraneous hours of classroom study and examinations to the real environment. Needless to say, Titan Innovation brings the classroom to the conference table/workbench. Discipline specific theories are put into practice as students collaborate on uniting business strategies and product development. A business cannot exist without a product or service and vice versa. Titan Innovation is CSUF’s dynamic group for real time innovation.

Positions for the 2016-2017 academic year are currently available. Elected officer will have the chance attend council meetings held at BOEING for an aerospace committee where modern operation practices can be learned. Vacant positions consists of:
  • operations
  • finance
  • marketing
  • leadership
  • business relations
  • event/media coordinators
Please email/contact Director John Bradley Jackson, Travis Lindsay, or Pablo Vazquez Golden to reserve a position that best interest you, your personal goals, or a friend’s goals.
Deadline to reserve is APRIL 29 @ 5pm.


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