CSUF Entrepreneurship Venture Gets $450,000

David Soria and Billy Becerra, recent graduates of the class of 2010, met in New Venture Creation class. Working with Professor John Bradley Jackson, David and Billy built a business plan for “Metal Institute”. Much like a “school of rock”, Metal Institute had a goal of providing a opportunity for aspiring (as well as working) […]

Orange County Entrepreneurship Study Announced

The CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship announced on April 20, 2010 the preliminary results of a ground breaking new study that investigated entrepreneurship in Orange County: How Advanced is Entrepreneurship in Orange County? See the link: http://calstate.fullerton.edu/news/Inside/2010/economic-report.html John Jackson Director Center for Entrepreneurship

"Entrepreneurship in the New Normal"

Join us for a special keynote address at CSUF sponsored by the Center for Entrepreneurship. “Entrepreneurship in the New Normal” “The Future of Internet Marketing, Social Media and the Next Generation” — Sinan Kanatsiz, CEO, KCOMM and Chairman of the Internet Marketing Association “Electric Mobility and Alternative Energy” — Keynote Speaker, Kelly Anderson, CFO, T3 […]

CSUF MBA Consulting Available Now

CSUF Entrepreneurship is looking for consulting clients for the MBA capstone strategy course. The team would conduct a three year strategic plan evaluating all aspects of the business. A typical team of 5-6 MBA students puts in over 300 hours on the custom project. Space is limited and the semester kicks off in a few […]

A Level Playing Field Could Create California Jobs

When Joseph Vranich, the Business Relocation Coach who assists companies that want to leave CA testified March 19, 2010, at the “Legislative Summit of Jobs and Regulations in California” before Senator Hollingsworth, and Assemblymen Jeffries, Miller, Emmerson, Nestande, at the Riverside City Council Chambers in Riverside, he testified that he was aware of at least […]

1 in 3 California teens unemployed

According to the Orange County Register, California’s recession has been particularly hard on younger workers with the unemployment rate for those ages 16 to 19 hitting 33.2% in January, reports the state Employment Development Department. California unemployment ages 16-19 Month Unemployment Jan. 2010 33.2% Dec.2009 32.8% Nov. 2009 32.4% Jan. 2009 25.2% Teens, who are […]

How Entrepreneurial is Orange County?

Entrepreneurship in certainly well represented in Orange County. Irvine is especially famous for being a hot-spot of entrepreneurial activities, especially in the biotech and software industries. However, where does Orange County stand on the entrepreneurship dimension compared to other regions of the country known for their entrepreneurial activities? This question is important since it can […]

Why B-Schools Set Up Entrepreneurs To Fail

Check out this Forbes article that begs the question: Why do B-Schools Set Up Entrepreneurs To Fail? Or, do they really? Read this article. Then we can argue a bit. The article’s author is putting all business schools in the same pot, which kind of gets me all stewed up —- pun intended. Harvard B-School […]

The C's of Entrerpreneurship

Author Mitch Joel wrote in his book, “Six Pixels of Separation”, about the 5 C’s of Entrepreneurship 2.0. He describes them as follows: 1. Connecting- Reach out now to people that matter. 2. Creating- Create content with text, images, audio, and video to grow the business 3. Conversations- It is an online world and everybody […]