Find Your Fit as an Entrepreneur

Over your lifetime you have developed a set of skills that most people do not have and in this talk by entrepreneur and author Damon Brown he convincingly argues that the best road forward for entrepreneurs is to identify those skills and leverage them when launching a new business. In other words, figure out what […]

Knowledge @ CSUF Entrepreneurship

In this week’s CSUF Entrepreneurship Insider we unveil a new video series called Knowledge @ CSUF Entrepreneurship where we publish short excerpts from our talks that focus on issues important to entrepreneurs. We hope that you get a lot of value out of them! In last week’s edition of the CSUF Entrepreneurship Insider we included […]

Entrepreneurs Need a Brain Trust

Entrepreneurs need to have a close knit group of advisors, or brain trust, in order to get the most out of their startups and businesses. Entrepreneur and author Damon Brown goes into detail about how to cultivate your brain trust and how best to leverage their combined experiences to give your business its best chance […]

CSUF Entrepreneur Director John Bradley Jackson to Give Talk to OC Financial Society

On Thursday, February 16 Director John Bradley Jackson will be giving a talk at a luncheon for the OC Financial Society. Details are here: Director Jackson will focus on the intersection of finance and entrepreneurship. He recently gave a talk similar to the one planned for the OC Financial Society luncheon going into detail […]