Business as a Machine

Marc Pakbaz is an interesting guy and I like him. I’m going to miss a big portion of his history here but, in short, he is from Iran, lived in France (where he built and sold a business), and now lives in America (where he built and sold a business). He’s a teacher, consultant, serial […]

How to Sell your Startup to a Public Company

There is a great deal of difference between a private company and a public one. One big difference is the kind of regulatory regime a private company has to comply with is much less stringent and much less expensive than the one that public companies have to comply with after Sarbanes-Oxley. So, what does this […]

Common Versus Preferred Stocks Crash Course for Entrepreneurs

What every entrepreneur needs to know about the different kinds of stock classes before they take on investors. Find out how common and preferred stock differ. This talk was given by given by Peter DeAngelis at the CSUF Startup Incubator. #CSUF For more details on CSUF Entrepreneurship: For more details on how we […]

The "Three T's" of Starting a Business

What is it, exactly, that separates successful entrepreneurs form those that are less successful? It’s a loaded question and any honest answer comes replete with a healthy amount of caveats but it’s still a very valid question as well. And this was the question that Chris McCarthy, the Social Media Specialist for Mihaylo College, asked […]

Startup Funding Option: Family and Friends

I am sitting here watching a great presentation by startup expert Jim Cooper, co-founder of Braid Theory, and he is talking about funding. It’s a complicated subject, or at least it can get that way, but I think one of the main complications is that people make it more complicated than it needs to be. […]

Focus on your Character First – Knowledge @ CSUF Entrepreneurship Jim Reichert has had thousands of business relationships throughout the years so it’s safe to say that he knows a thing or two about people. And he has some simple, straightforward advice for people who want to build stronger relationships, whether for business or otherwise. To Jim, Dr. Stephen R Covey’s words on building […]

#1 Rule for Better Communication at Work – Knowledge @ CSUF Entrepreneurship How do you create a great atmosphere at work? It’s all about communication. If you cannot have productive conversations with your coworkers, subordinates, or superiors then how are you going to get things done? Jim Reichert is an entrepreneurial executive with decades of experience in this area and he believes that the best way […]

How to Build Your Startup Team – Knowledge @ CSUF Entrepreneurship

The early days in any business are tough. The entrepreneur, the person with the idea, ends up doing most of the jobs. And this is important because it is during these formative times that processes are created and the startup’s culture starts to take root. But after some time you need to start hiring people. […]

The Biggest Mistake Entrepreneurs Make in Product Development – Knowledge @ CSUF Entrepreneurship

Having reviewed thousands of businesses and investing in multiple startups, Tech Coast Works Managing Director Jeff Greenberg knows a thing or two about product development. In this video in the Knowledge @ CSUF Entrepreneurship series taken at the CSUF Startup Incubator, Jeff goes into detail about the product development process and explains what the biggest […]

How to Present to an Investment Panel, the Basics – Knowledge @ CSUF Entrepreneurship

The slides you present to investors are important but there are some basic things that are more important. In this talk by CSUF Center for Entrepreneurship Director John Bradley Jackson (JJ to his students) you will learn what the basics of a good presentation are. These tips are predicated on years of experience he has […]