CSUF Startup Talk with JJ Ep 1 – 10-8 Systems

10-8 Systems was founded by CSUF student Bryan Ruef and his brother Kevin with a simple mission: Bring dispatching services to communities and organizations that desperately need them but cannot afford them. After less than a year they have many clients and many more in the hopper and, best of all, they were recently instrumental in saving hundreds of lives in the Bahamas in the wake of Hurricane Dorian.

This is the first episode of CSUF Startup Talk with Center for Entrepreneurship Director John Bradley Jackson. Known as JJ to his friends, and he has never met someone who hasn’t become a fast friend, John has had a storied career going from Silicon Valley to Wall Street and, now, to the classroom at Cal State Fullerton teaching thousands of students the ins and outs of entrepreneurship. In addition to teaching, JJ is the founder of Titan Angels, and investment fund that targets very early stage startups with huge potential.

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