I’ve known Jim for a long time and it has mostly been for the best. We were able to carve out some time to discuss some topics, including: his work with the California State University (CSU) system and how we (both he and I are CSU alumni) are part of a 4,000,000 strong community of CSU graduates, how the CSU is responsible for more than 40% of scientific research, and then we get into the speculation.

Everyone at least knows what Star Trek is. It’s a beautiful future where all basic needs have been met and humanity has turned its eye on exploration and discovery. Is this the kind of future that is in store for us in the future? Will we have an economy where needs are decoupled from economics? What would that look like?

It was definitely a fun and engaging conversation and I think you’ll enjoy it although I was disappointed in myself for not saying “Damn it, Jim, I’m a professor, not a…” at any point during our conversation.

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